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Female Energy Evening is one of the events organized by STUNS energi. The purpose of the event is to inspire women and non-binary individuals to enter the energy industry.

STUNS invites different speakers to talk about the energy industry and inspire future women in the field. Various energy companies are also invited to the event to present their operations in an exciting pitch parade!

Female Energy Evening welcomes everyone, but specifically targets students from all disciplines, who identify as women or non-binary. It doesn't matter what you're studying – we want to show that the energy and space industries offer a universe of opportunities.

With skyrocketing electricity prices and extensive environmental consequences, the energy issue is hotter than ever. At the same time, humans are exploring another reality beyond our planet, in space. As exciting, rapidly growing areas of technology, energy and space are two of the most important industries of the future. To provide a female perspective on these male-dominated industries, Female Energy Evening is organized!